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Social Coordinator:
Patty Anctil

Call (719) 238-3889 or Email

Special Events Coordinator:
Gwen Weddington

Call (281) 352-2153 or Email

The club meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month and our meetings are held in member’s homes or a restaurant. A short business meeting is held, followed by enjoying good food, good company and having fun. In September we have a catered picnic in various park locations and in December a Christmas Party. Through all seasons we have various social outings such as river rafting, plays, concerts, museums, wine tastings, Rockies baseball games in the summer, and excursions of any nature.

Please contact us if you have any suggestions for monthly gatherings, possible themes, location(s) for our social activities and/or if you want to volunteer to assist the social committee.


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Social Sept 21

A fun afternoon party at the home of Steve Ernst with BBQ hamburgers and brauts, games and dancing!

2019 Mardi Gras 2

More Mardi Gras fun!